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About the difficulty level..?

Hey i just read the faqs, and its said that this game have an easy mode, but why when i played this game i got normal, hard and expert..? where's the easy mode..?

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Umm, in p3fes if you choose an easy mode you'll get 10 plum of dusk correct..? But the problem is when i fought shadow yukiko and my mc died, i didn't have a chance to revive, instead i was transported back to the velvet room...
What happened..? Its just odd, i chose normal when i fought her. And, of course i checked my items before and there's no 10 items like i mentioned before. You know something 'bout this..?

FJ95 provided additional details:

Hey sorry my bad, just figured something out. Thxs for the help...

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Sturm_the_Dark answered:

Assuming you're playing the right game, I'm not sure what the cause is, but you can always check to see whether your "normal" is the same as everyone else's "easy" by looking at your items and seeing whether you have 10 Moon Shibakomes or whatever they're called. You can also do the same for normal and expert by comparing how much damage monsters do, since that's the main (if only) difference between the two modes. You can then go from there.
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