Question from preciosarocio

Asked: 6 years ago

How can i fuse ippon datara with sukukaja?

Its Margaret's first request but she asked so long ago.. Does anyone know what i could fuse?

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From: CCR_Motoki 5 years ago

Temperance Sylph (Sukukaja) + Justice Archangel
Temperance Sylph (Sukukaja) + Devil Lilim
Temperance Sylph (Sukukaja) + Sun Cu Sith

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Submitted Answers


Sylph + Archangel
Ghoul + Obariyon

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Lv 10 (death) Ghoul(sukujaja) and (fool) obariyon...
If ippon-datara still don't have skill sukujaja, cancel the fuse...
Then choose ghoul and obariyon, if still don't have that skill, repeat again this trick until ippon-datara have skill sukujaja...

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