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Stacking effects?

Does having multiple passive skills with a similar chanced based effects actualy increases the proabaility of it activating?
Example: would having Counterstrike, High Counter, and the reprisal chain.
increase the probability of "counter physical" activating to 50%,

activate them in sequence( game checks to see if Counterstrike activates, if not then it checks to see if High counter activates, if not then it checks to see if the effects of the reprisal chain activates

or am i just wasting equipment and skill slots?

TheImpatientOne provided additional details:

Ok thank you very much

Accepted Answer

Sturm_the_Dark answered:

It completely depends on the type of skill. In your example, the effects would NOT stack - only high counter would take effect, thereby rendering the other skills useless.

For a complete list, see the "Game Mechanics/Persona Database" FAQ and see section [007b0].
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