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How to fuse Izanagi Okami?

Please provide me a help to fuse the Ultimate Persona,Izanagi Okami.thank you.

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huyxxx answered:

-First, see the True ending. This should be easy to achieve - just follow the guide.
-Second, you must be on your 2nd playthrough and at level 91at least. Starting from July 20th, Igor will allow you to fuse Izanagi no Okami.
-Finally, have Izanagi, Sandman, Nata Taishi, Girimehkala, Norn (Fortune S.Link MAX, fusion of Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos), Okuninushi, Orthrus, Kartikeya, Mithra, Tzitzimitl, Cu chulainn and Legion in your possession. Izanagi no Okami can now be fused.
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