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Is there another way of getting a guardian fish except fishing because its soo hard to catch a gurdian and i dont know how to get some.. can you help me?

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OshareKeiji answered:

There is no other way. You have to fish to get it.

Just fish on a rainy day, and watch out for a strong vibration with long lulls in between (or long gaps between water ripples). If it's not a very strong vibration , pull your bait out immediately before the fish bites.

One you've confirmed it, wait until you get a sustained medium rumble (check your line sinks). At that instance, start tapping Circle so it doesn't get away.

Once you hook the Guardian, you have to mash Circle like crazy, and keep an eye out for the random bonus buttons. You absolutely have to get them, so you can reel the Guardian in closer.

I suggest that you exercise your dominant hand for the task, because for first timers, it usually takes a while, and you're liable to get tired.
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