Question from Neonlight8

How to prevent Rare Hand monster escaping?

The rare hand which drops the chest key keeps escaping after my turn with 4 actions....everytime I bring it down to < 1/3 HP it escapes. I tried to silence it it didn't work, would confuse work? I do i gurantee it can't escape?

Accepted Answer

huyxxx answered:

The Rare Hand shadows usually escape WHENEVER they have the chance to and the only way to prevent that is to kill them before that happens, which means you have to kill them quickly with strong skills before their FIRST turn comes up. You must be holding back when fighting them by using weak skills or normal attacks. If you really want to beat them, use skills - strong skills, not weak normal attack. Also level up if you current party are too weak or killing them will be out of the question.
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EvilPrince88 answered:

I don't think there is a way to prevent the hand from escaping... just level up some more and you'll be able kill it before it escapes. Hope it helps!
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Neonlight8 answered:

I suppose the best way is to kill it off before the end of my turn.
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thick_death answered:

1. Use item to kill it (weak)

2. Player advantage battle
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