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Maxing social links still possible at this stage?

On my first playthrough, is it still possible to max all the social links before the game ends? (not sure when it does, but please don't spoil) But I'm pretty sure it's a bit far from the end since there's no judgement social link, right?

Right now I'm on the 10/27, evening.

I used up 1 - 4 days to clear dungeons when no S.Link was available on certain days (rainy sundays, etc.) Kept on running out of SP, or running out of HP and having to be healed.

Social Links:
Fool 8
Magician 10
Priestess 10
Empress 8
Emperor 8
Hierophant 10
Lovers 8
Chariot 9
Justice 10
Hermit 9
Fortune 2
Strength 9
Hanged Man 3
Death 7
Temperance 10
Devil 10
Tower 10
Star 7
Moon 10
Sun 9

Accepted Answer

dvdboys answered:

Depend, can be very possible but also can be almost impossible (It's really hard to explain why, since you don't want any spoiler). And you're right, always keep in mind in that Judgment is still out there somewhere. Anyway, Max Hermit or at least complete the fox's final quest ASAP. Prioritize Death on sunday. All that left is to balance the progress of Hanged Man and Fortune.
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nutxy12_345 answered:

I think you still can max all of it. Just make sure you finish your teammate first & Hermit S.Link (when this maxed out, you can spend a day to increase your point to the person you want).
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