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How do i fuse taotie?

Anyone know?plz

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keyblade38 answered:

It's very easy just fuse Shisaa, Lamia and Ara Mitama in the triangle fusion and you will get Taotie. Try this and I'm sure that a Taotie will bu created.
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shadouknite answered:

Taotie is the lowest level Tower persona, and towers require a triple fusion. Easiest and cheapest way I found is Izanagi, Pixie, Sandman. Just make sure your Sandman has the highest level of the 3 and you should be fine.
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blind59 answered:

Well I just tried triple fusing Izanagi, Pixie, Sandman and I got Oberon. So yeah he's wrong.
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blind59 answered:

Omg luck of the draw, so I'll post it, Triple fuse Sandman x Apsaras x Siegfried = Taotie.

Only issue is Siegfried is a high level persona so around mid 60's but I'm lucky enough to be far enough in the game. YES this does work I'm looking at my TV screen right now.
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sevenheadedmirr answered:

Here's one easy and good way: shiisa + yomotsu + izanagi
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TheBloodlustKid answered:

For me I used Izanagi + (lowest Hierophant, forgot name) + any Persona with a higher level than both of them.
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VFaulkon answered:

Taotie is of the Tower Arcana, one of the few that's only accessible through a triple fusion. Thankfully, Taotie's the lowest-level one of that Arcana, so even Personae found in the first dungeon should be sufficient to create it.

You can use the table listed in the FAQ section to help you out, but one formula that should work is Slime + Sandman + Valkyrie.
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Galactic_Venus answered:

Triangle Fusions go (A+B)=X, X+C=D where C is the highest of the 3 Personae selected for the fusion, meaning you're not guaranteed to get the same result as another person using the same 3 Personae.

If you get can get a Phoenix, it should be at least level 20. The Sun arcana (if it is the highest level) can make a persona of the Tower arcana if A+B = Hermit or A+B = Strength. Angel(Level 4 Justice) + Pixie(Level 2 Magician) normally creates a Strength Persona, so if do a triangle fusion with a freshly acquired Pixie, Angel and Phoenix, you should end up with Taotie.
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