Question from taikunter

Asked: 6 years ago

What do i need to get true ending?

I already lvl seventy n i already hv yohitsune n trumpeter did i can get true ending or do i need some sort of persona or get higher lvl?

Accepted Answer

From: huyxxx 6 years ago

There's no need to worry about level or persona here - you can get the True Ending just by doing some little 'running and talking' tasks on March 20th - the day you move back to the city. First, assume that you are already on the Good Ending, don't leave soon on March 20th - talk to all social links - just go everywhere and talk, don't leave anyone. Next, try to go to the Junes food court - never choose to go home when the game asks you to. After that, go back to the entrance of your house and talk to Nanako, then access the Velvet room to get a special item. Finally, confront the gas station attendant, ask questions about Namatame, Adachi, and the power you have - if 'she' tries to dodge your questions, ignore it and keep asking. The True Ending will be unlocked after the scene. At that level and with those personae, defeating the final boss should be easy.

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