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QUICK QUESTIONS! anyone willing to help?

I've been wondering do you always have to fuse for more persona's or do you collect tarot cards like in persona 2 to get more persona's? and can you control Rise at a time in the game? also can you change costume?,do your teammates keep their ultimate persona and your social links at max when you play new game+? and last but not least do you keep the MC's persona's and level when you play a new game+?

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OOOOOh so is the item that you get for maxing with the playable characters for unlimited use?

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Axelfire250 answered:

1. You can only get personas either through fusion or shuffle time.

2. You can't control Rise at any point as she is only support.

3. The only change in outfits is in the summer and winter school uniform

4. Party members don't keep their evolved personas and no social links transfer over but you still keep the item to make the ultimate persona for that s. link

5. MC's levels and persona that he has on him aren't transferred over but the compendium does and you can still summon a persona with a level higher than yours.
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