Question from tank3006

Why does the game have a lot of swearing???

It's bad for kids!!!!!!!!!!

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Metafractal answered:

It's not a kid's game. That's why.
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huyxxx answered:

This game is not for kids. Its ESRB Rating is "M"- Mature, which means that the game may contain intense violence (more so than in the Teen category), blood and gore, sexual themes/content, and frequent use of strong language
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gaileesand answered:

Dude are you a idiot what the hell
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robertoII answered:

to add some fling in this game. it IS after all, NOT for kids, hence the rating.
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COrbenik_oVan answered:

I am a kid but i have zero problems with it thats just the world nowadays y'know even a 11 year old like me might have no problem with it.
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x3laaawyx answered:

ehhhhh who KNOWS maybe the game creater has underwhent a sweaing life
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