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Asked: 6 years ago

What is the best way to catch the Guardian?

I'm trying for the full Social Link walkthrough. Problem, I keep hitting a snag when it comes to fishing the Guardian.

The problem is that my controller tends to buzz when it's a medium-strong vibe, so I keep confusing the Huge Fish with the Guardian, and I count the time. Normally, I count to four from the moment I see the Bait Counter, and count three bobs before the hook sinks, and that lands me a Huge Fish.

How hard should the vibration be? Also, how many bobs should I count to catch the Guardian? And how far apart are they?

Additional details - 6 years ago

When should I start counting? When the hook hits the water? when the number of remaining bait appears?

Also, the vibe for the Guardian would be as strong as what? I mean, the moment when the group first left the TV world, the vibe was short, but pretty strong.

As for the vibes, how much time between each one? And how many would their be to differentiate the Huge Fish from the Guardian?

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From: BoW2GiR 5 years ago

Playing this on the PS3 and having no dual shock controller, I had to rely on watching the ripples on the float. Smaller fishes (especially Red Gold Fishes) will begin tugging immediately and quickly the moment you cast the line.

Huge Fishes and Guardians will not tug until 3-4 seconds after casting and will continue to do so at the same intervals. However, I noticed there is a difference between the two. A Guardian will leave one big ripple and a smaller, fainter after-ripple on each tug whereas a Huge Fish will only leave one big ripple. I've caught numerous Guardians with this method and fitted everyone with +50% EXP stuff while selling the rest.

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1st you need to get the strongest vibration.. You need to count 5 seconds... They are not far apart..

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The vibe should be strong, seems it depends on the size of the fish.

The pause between each vibe is around 2s, longer than a regular huge fish.

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well in my case:
-i wait for more than 3 seconds for the first vibration and then an almost constant 2-3 seconds delay each vibe.
-It is like a huge fish vibe but a little stronger.
-My guardian snapped the bait in the 9th vibe. It could be later or earlier but for me the 9th.

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