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How to quick level up?

How to get level 91, i need to make izanagi-no-Okami!

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agggusss answered:

Just equip haikara shirt (fishing prize trade with 1 guardian in september) and musashi bamboo sword (fishing prize trade with 2 guardian in december) and after that go to magatsu alone...
It's the best way to quick lv up...
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loupargent answered:

If you have good enough Personas, you can simply solo.

You'll get all the experience instead of having it divided among your party members.
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Oke_Coy answered:

Use Armax and u will hyper quickly LV up
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badboy21296 answered:

Go fuse a persona with rpl physical and go find a king with the summoning thing let all your party member die and put on rush if you want to end it then revive all your teammates then kill it ............ use haikara shirt which can be traded with a guardian at sept and bamboo sword for 2 guardians at december this method is used much for money but exp great too lol.
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black_godzz answered:

Just play, or you want cheats
and if you do that you sucks
i beat this game 5 times with level more than 90
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Rocketai answered:

There's some vids on YouTube showing that Shadow King (people call him Mr. Pringles) on Magatsu Inaba. It's the king that invokes infinite Bambinos. Get a Persona that blocks physical (better yet, reflect) and an item that blocks infuriate (optional, but I greatly suggest you use it). agggusss' suggestion is also a good one. Get the Haikara Shirt and Bamboo Sword that gives you more EXP.

Go in alone and walk around battling the shadows you see until you get across two Mr. Pringles. Just wait for them to invoke bambinos by defending and attack them, put on rush and voila! The MC will infinitly(?) kill bambinos while the kings are summoning them like crazy. However, if you just want the EXP, then let the rush do the trick for like 20~25 minutes (depending on the damage you are doing on the bambinos), because here, exp have a limit that it's, 65,000 and something.

Good luck and hope it helps!
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Silveron714 answered:

There's several tricks you can do to increase experience a little more quickly.
As agggusss said trade a Guardian fish for a Haikara Shirt (Exp +50%) with the Old Fisherman at the Riverbed, and 2 Guardians for the Musashi Bamboo Sword (Think its Exp +25% or so) and you'll greatly increase the Exp you and your Persona get per battle, however this doesn't carry over to other party members unless they have a Haikara shirt of their own. This is good for boss fights if you can survive with a Haikara shirt on.

Fight at the highest levels of your most recent dungeon. Best dungeon for gaining experience is Adachi's, even more so than Izanagi's strangely enough.

FIght with only those you want to increase Exp with. If it's just the MC fight solo, if it's one of the others than just have a 2 character party. Fewer party members there are, the more Exp is received at the end of battle. Don't know if the ratio increases by 1/4% per member dropped or what increase is.

Or Rocketai's trick with 2 Shadow Kings (or any other king) summoning up multiple Bambinos. Although can try to add other characters to mix, just make sure everyone has best armor (if not a Haikara shirt) on, and weakest weapon equipped (preferably weapon started with.) Although each member increases chance of the Kings falling sooner than later, the weak weapon should minimize damage enough to take everyone's attack to kill a bambino or two each round giving the King's a chance to summon another. Then when ready to stop use powerful magic attacks to kill all the enemies.
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Altair341 answered:

If You Not Hanging Out WIth Your Friend Just HuntIng Shadow
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