Question from tank3006

Why the gal max social go to my room??

Wad is with the girls?????

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frickenmoron answered:

To have sex, duh.
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agggusss answered:

Because she wants it
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personamaster19 answered:

Because the MC is leaving in a month and this is their last chance to throw themselves on him
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robertoII answered:

that all depends on your imagination. if you've got a "mature" mind (and a naughty one at that) they'll... you know...

if you've got a pure heart (AS IF AFTER ALL THE SWEARING IN THIS GAME!!!) they'll just spend the day in the room, at most, making out. (no "S" word)
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x3laaawyx answered:

from my prespective YOUR house has only nanachan in there while dijima san is eeeeeeeeeeeh ya know out however the girlses house they got theyre parents and as for what they do i guess they kiss each other
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Hades-Sama answered:

To have sex, all hands down
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kog_22 answered:

I don't think its sex, in P3, its definitely sex, but this one???
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keyblade38 answered:

They will just have some conversations and the last line is "I Love You". That's all, no mallicious happenings whre than in the MC's room. (Trivia: The true name of the MC is Souji Seta.)
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MoczoUno answered:

It's open to interpretation. On the one hand, the game never comes right out and SAYS 'And then Souji totally had sex with this girl'. But on the other hand, 90% of the final social link talks occur in the MC's bedroom, and end by fading out to black while saying that he 'spent a long time alone' with the girl in question. Alone. In his bedroom. And it usually fades out just after she's declared her love and he's wrapped his arms around her. You gotta admit, there's certain things that two teenagers are more likely to do in such an emotionally charged situation...
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Zeroxas_27 answered:

.......Up to your imagination. There's a lot of possibilities.......

.............................Um, I didn't need to mention it, right?
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Crystal_Almasy answered:

Well.... I don't know about the other guys... (Wasn't trying for a complete max game) but Kanji comes over to MC's room.... Just thought I'd throw that out there ^_^
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