Question from taikunter

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find (haikara skirt)?

I already forgot to trade haikara skirt during i can get another haikara skirt? it i must play for 3rd playthrough?

Accepted Answer

From: agggusss 5 years ago

You only can get haikara shirt in september....
But if you in september, you can get haikara shirt more than one...

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you don't have to play it a second time to get the haikara shirt. the only requirement for this one would be:
> fox social link: level 9 (to get the angler set.)

the haikara shirt can be traded for one guardian (to the old guy at the riverbed) in september.

to catch the guardian, you must have the angler set on or before the last rainy day in september. try talking to the old man after accepting the final quest of the fox which is...
Quest 48: i want to see the king of samegawa.

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