Question from Sullivanmcl46

How Do I Fuse Black Frost?

What/Who do I need and how would I get them?

Sullivanmcl46 provided additional details:

How do I get a Ghoul? I don't think I've even seen a Ghoul?

4ugame asked for clarification:

Dude, i hear this "Black Frost" all over the internet
what this persona? is it useful?


agggusss answered:

Black Frost lv 38
Available on July 20
Combinations 5 persona:
(Magician) Pyro Jack x
(Magician) Jack Frost x
(Emperor) King Frost x
(Magician) Pixie x
(Death) Ghoul
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Force0401 answered:

(Fool) Lv.38 Black Frost is fused through a Pentagon Spread.

You require:

(Magician) Pyro Jack
(Magician) Jack Frost
(Emperor) King Frost
(Magician) Pixie
(Death) Ghoul

You can find Ghoul near the top levels of Yukiko's Castle, usually floors 6-7
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badboy21296 answered:

Pyro jack , jack frost , king frost , pixie , ghoul , 'if you never seen ghoul he is in yukiko's castle around the top.
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superrizky answered:

You can find ghoul in yukiko castle good luck :)

@: 4ugame:well it's not really powerfull but look! no weakness!
fire and ice are drain!and it has fire and ice skill!
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black_godzz answered:

yo dude, did you see list material on the fusion chart. just follow it

you are sucks don't know black frost
If you don't know Black frost, so persona 4 too

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Odumegwu answered:

You can fuse ghoul with Izanagi and Saki Mitama for example. (It is probably the easiest way, though)
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_Kyuubi_ answered:

i have a black frost with agidyne maragion bufula mabufu mudoon and mind charge !
Dudee and fire amp and ice boost
how scary is that
and think of my mind chargee !
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K_lead answered:

They tell you the personas recommended for him
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