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God judgment and galgalim eyes?

Is there any persona have that skill?
I want to know...

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OshareKeiji answered:

God's Judgment and Hell's Judgment can only be gained through a Skill Change Fusion Forecast day. Any of these skills can transform into them:

~God's Hand
~Primal Force
~Brave Blade
~Absorb Passives
~Divine Grace

However, there's no guarantee that the Skill Change property will pick the right skill, and the Judgment Skills are crap anyway. They only grant a chance to halve HP using Light (God's Judgment) or Dark (Hell's Judgment) Meaning it's useless for Light/Dark immune enemies.

As for Galgalim Eyes, it's an enemy-only skill.
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QTcarlz11 answered:

I dont think so. The only persona have the god judgement skill is namatame's persona.
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AzureLivesOn answered:

Both skills are far too overpowered to grant to a persona that the Protagonist can use.

Izanagi-no-Okami has some fairly powerful abilities, but require (among other things) beating the true ending, fusing all of the Maxed S. Link persona, and reaching level 99. By that point, it's pretty much overkill anyways.

Except fighting Margaret...
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