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What floors can I find the Rainy Day enemies?

A complete rundown from Yukiko's Castle up to Heaven would be greatly appreciated.

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OshareKeiji answered:

FYI, there are no rainy day enemies in Yukiko's Castle.

Anyway, here: (info from ZG's FAQ)

Steamy Bathhouse:

~Rainy Brother 4: 1-2F
~Cloud Girl Pot: 3-4F
~Rainy Sister 4: 7-8F

Marukyu Striptease:

~Rainy Sister 3: 1-4F
~Rain Wheel: 3-4F
~Rainy Brother 3: 5-6F
~Rain Leg Musha: 7-8F

Void Quest:

~Rainy Castle: 1-2F
~Rainy Sister 2: 3-4F
~Rain Vase: 5-6F
~Rain End Musha: 5-6F
~Rainy Brother 2: 7-8F

Secret Lab:

~Rainy Sister 1: 1-2F
~Rainy Brother 1: 1-2F
~Rainbow Twins: 3-4F
~Raindrop Musha: 5-6F


~Raindrop Castle: 2-4F
~Rain Wind Musha - 8-9F
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