Question from valenciadevina

How do I solve Yousuke answer?

After I beat Nataname,Nanako
go to hospital,right.

In Nataname room at hospital there ara many quest form Yosuke,help me to asnwer this!!

If we ask wrong,what heppen??
(Sorry my english bad)

And one more quetion,after we give correct answer what happen again??

Thanks you everyone

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agggusss answered:

If wrong, it will go to bad ending...
If right, it will go to normal or true ending...

1. Pick the Third Choice
Pick the First Choice
MC:there's something
3. Third Choice
MC:Namatame true feeling.
4. Pick the Second Choice.
5. Pick the Third Choice
6. Pick the Second Choice.
MC:Calm the hell Down!
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