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Does anyone know how to unlock the Final Izanami Battle?

Does anyone know how to unlock the final battle with Izanami? I was watching Youtube and saw that fight and some kind of bonus dungeon that looks similar to that dream the MC had at the game's start. I ordered a Strategy Guide, but I can't wait! Does anyone know?

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OshareKeiji answered:

How far are you into the game? Because it requires you defeating first the boss in the culprit's dungeon.

After that, do the FF steps:

~Talk to all Maxed S. Links.
~Refuse to leave, Go to Junes. When it asks you if you're done here, say "Not finished yet"
~After the scene, go to Samegawa and talk to Ryotaro and Nanako.
~Go back to the Shopping District and visit the Velvet Room.
~Talk to the gasoline boy and try all the choices until he fesses up.

There you go, true last dungeon unlocked.
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