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What does earning Max Social links give you?

In P3: FES, it let you fuse Orpheus Telos, what do you get in P4?

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Sorry, I actually meant what does maxing all Social Links in one playthrough do for you >>

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drahcir_7 answered:

Actually the only thing that you get from maxing out all the social links is a protagonist-only armor that raises his experience in battle. Raising the Social Link to maximum gets you the ultimate persona of that arcana, But Of course raising a teammates social link will also helps you in battle and maxing them out evolves your persona.
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Justicechimchar answered:

Depending on the Social Link you Max, the Social Link Partner(s) will give you an item that you will need to fuse the specific ultimate Persona for that Arcana. The items you get will carry over to your NG+ allowing you to fuse them on your next playthrough. Also Maxing the Girl's social link to GF-BF Relationship will get you an extra scene near the ending that will give you valuable accessories.
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Remenia answered:

Well if you go for a Max social link playthrough you get

1)a new dongeon wich contain a new final boss

2) a new ending called the true ending

3) you can fuse Izanagi-no-Okami wich is the equivalent to Orpheus Telos in P3
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ThE_ReApEr_GuY answered:

-The Ultimate Persona the social link Arcana (Carries to NG+)
-Special scenes when true final boss fight
-For your Teammates,It'll give certain Special Effects
Lv1:Cover Deadly enemy attack once
Lv3:Can do a special move when Knocked doen an enemy
Lv5:Cure Ally from dizzy/down condition When Knock down an enemy
Lv7:Cure ally from Severe Aliments when knock down an enemy
Lv9:Ability to Endure an deadly attack/battle
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mynameisbobnotk answered: Telos you get the ultimate form of your starting persona, Izanagi -no-Okami
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Informed_User answered:

Maxing all s-links in one playthrough means you get an item, I think it is armor with 50% exp bonus. No special persona this time.
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Haseo19 answered:

Agree with Infrmed_user
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black_godzz answered:

all of you don't know nothing
you don't have to reach all to max if you want fight izanami,get true endings, and evolves izanagi N O
all you must do is don't go home after saying goodbye,and go to junes

and one more thing.........
Izanagi-no-Okami doesn't equivalent to Orpheus Telos
Izanagi N O the best
he has null to all of element except light and dark
even enemy has elemental break, they would not do it everytime
and he has victory cry who restore hp/sp full after battle
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