Question from zhaoyun26

Simplest fusion for Masakado?

I need it to make Yoshitsune : ) Thx

zhaoyun26 provided additional details:

Is there no other fusions? must i really lose trumpeter to make masakado? cz i haven't maxed out my emperor : )

Accepted Answer

agggusss answered:

Possible Combinations: (Fortune) Ananta x(Tower) Cu Chulain x(Emperor)Odin
OR (Judgement) Trumpeter x (Sun) Jatayu x (Tower)Cu Chulain
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ToothedBomb answered:

I have another combination: Cybele (Lovers, lv. 68) + Kartikeya (Star, lv. 73) + Horus (Sun, lv. 75) = Masakado (Tower, lv. 69). Most of these can be acquired through shuffles or fusing Persona's from the last 2 dungeons.
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