Question from auginiste

About Rise Kujikawa?

Why does she have status parameters?

Like when she level ups.

She gains some points in it.


auginiste provided additional details:

That wasn't what i was asking about, she has strength, agility, and stuff like that.

What's that for?

I know she learns skills, but what are the status parameters for?

auginiste provided additional details:

I see... i was thinking that it would be something of a secret, like she is usable in a battle party XD


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dEvIL_seiIcHiro answered:

I think those parameters is useless for her.

Because her skills like third eye, healing wave, or oracle don't depend on those parameters, like Fuuka in Persona 3
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Akasha_arts answered:

She will learn new skills like in Persona 3.
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