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What level should i be to defeat shadow mitsuo and how do i beat him?

I don't know how to beat shadow mitsuo and i don't think i can beat him with my current level.HELP!?!?!?

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Zelt_Exhard answered:

You should fight him at level 45+... I bring Teddie as a healer, Yosuke to cast his Dekaja, Kanji to crush him with Kill Rush, and personas that definitely has Masukukaja, Rakunda and Matarukaja.

In my opinion, you should make yatagarasu, and transfer his Null Fear skill to any desired persona that you'll equip against that big bad mitsuo dude..

For Extra damage, bring Black Frost or Dis (that has Mind Charge and boosted Agidyne, it will burst out 600 dmg, with tarukaja and rakunda), so he will go down pretty fast.

If he uses Evil Smile, use Teddy's Energy Shower.
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yosefmaria answered:

I think level 48-50 is enough... I beat mitsuo with my characters around level 48-50.
to beat him, you should have a character or two for healing, and chie for main attacker. use tarukaja rakunda and sukukaja. I'm sure it will help.
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Omzyma answered:

Level 50+ is good. It makes it easier if you have a persona on that isn't weak to darkness. When he's rebuilding he character, attack with everything. It'll break the pieces, making him vulnerable to an all-out attack. Make Chie or Kanji the main attackers. If Kanji is, use Kill Rush or any other multiple attacks. It's better if you have Rakunda and/or Matarukaja with you to kill him faster. And btw, whatever barrier he puts on the nullify, that's the element he's gonna attack with. Example: He uses Red Wall. Next few turns he will use Agi moves.
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agggusss answered:

Mitsuo shadow lv is 45...
I think Physical attack is the best to fight him...
Set yukiko to always heals your party...
Watch out for his evil smile...
Just do that until mitsuo dead...
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