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Asked: 5 years ago

How can I finish the game with true ending?

I have been finish my first gameplay, but its normal ending...
I wanna start new game without NG+...
I wanna see the True Ending...
how to unlock The true ending anyway..?
Please, Help Me....


Accepted Answer

From: yosefmaria 5 years ago

After you beat Ameno-Sagiri, the date will jump to 20th of March. There will be an evant, and you will say farewell to your maxed out social links.
After you finished, you will be asked by a question to go home. Refuse it, then go to Junes Food Court. When in front of the lift, there will be a question again, then answer 'I'm not finshed yet'. and you will meet your friends and discuss about something. After that talk to Dojima and Nanako in Samegawa Riverbed about the guy at gas station. Go to velvet room, then go out and talk to the guy in front of the gas station and ask some question to him. That guy is Izanami, and you will open the last dungeon that will lead you to true ending.

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