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Effect of the romance plots?

Does completing a romance plot (and getting a girlfriend) have any actual effect?

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I mean in terms of gameplay.

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mynameisbobnotk answered:

The romance form, no but on Christmas you will get calls from everyone, they go to your room and you get a special item. *Spoiler* If you chose the right option with Naoto then she will come wearing the female form of the High School uniform. *Spoiler*

But in terms of gameplay, as long as they level up then it doesnt matter. the only ones that may matter is your party members because they gain battle abilities (ex. Die for the leader, follow up attack, heal ailments).(Rise's Persona will gain new powers to help you in the TV world.)
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Nasada19 answered:

On the story? lol no.
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twlightqueen88 answered:

If you get their links high enough they do end up with new abilities in battle but that applies to everyone, not just the girls.
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