Question from mbachui

How do I beat shadow teddie?

It's attack so strong...what level is required?

Accepted Answer

cosmon52 answered:

It isn't that strong. you should be at about 35 to 40 now. If you have Yukiko in your team, then you might have the slight disadvantage though you need her healing spells. The way is to guard when he still has his hand rise in the air. Cuz if you don't you'll be dead. Since it has no weakness, just attacking it with strong attacks. Since it has no resistance, just whack the hell out of him. You need Yukiko and yourself to heal while the other 2 to attack. Choose your persona which has a healing spell ( most preferablely with mediarama ) with either an attacking spell or physical attack.

Just keep this in mind that shadow teddie can seal your personas. Do have some healing for it and don't waste on those on offense, but rather the curing ones.
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