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Asked: 5 years ago

How do i get Lucifer?

How do i get lucifer? And at what level is he available and what is best way to get to that level?

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From: Die_mUsT 5 years ago

First,you must finish the game in true ending (or after unlocking yomotsu hirasaka)to max the Judgement arcana (which is Lucifer's).Lucifer will be available to fuse in Velvet room with 6 persona required,they are:
Ananta of the Fortune arcana and Michael,Satan,Trumpeter,Anubis,Metatron of the Judgement arcana

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1) MAX Judgement S. Link
2) Grind to level 93 (use the Pringle KIng Trick in Magatsu Mandala 1)
3) Fuse in Velvet Room... enjoy!

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