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How do i get Lucifer?

How do i get lucifer? And at what level is he available and what is best way to get to that level?

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Die_mUsT answered:

First,you must finish the game in true ending (or after unlocking yomotsu hirasaka)to max the Judgement arcana (which is Lucifer's).Lucifer will be available to fuse in Velvet room with 6 persona required,they are:
Ananta of the Fortune arcana and Michael,Satan,Trumpeter,Anubis,Metatron of the Judgement arcana
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EvilPrince88 answered:

1) MAX Judgement S. Link
2) Grind to level 93 (use the Pringle KIng Trick in Magatsu Mandala 1)
3) Fuse in Velvet Room... enjoy!
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