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Yatsufusa's description?

What is up with Yatsufusa's description in the compendium? It's like two separate, unrelated sentences and I have no idea what's going on. Does anyone know who/what Yatsufusa actually is, because I really like learning about all of the persona's. In case you don't have his description up in front of you, it's this:

"7 days after its birth, a wolf killed its mother. Yoshi-zane Satomi later promised his daughter's hand if it could defeat the enemy, but after Yatsufusa's success, Yoshi-zane's retainer shot it dead."

What is going on here!?

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From: WyldSe7en 5 years ago

The name Yatsufusa is from a Japanese epic novel called Nanso Satomi Hakkenden. Yatsufusa is actually the hound of the character Yoshi-zane Satomi, who is a historical Bushi during the Maromachi period. Anyway, Takita Castle is under seige and Yoshi-zane declares that whoever kills the enemy general shall have his daughter's hand in marriage.

During the night, Yatsufusa kills the general and returns with his severed head. Yoshi-zane is a man of his word, however, his servant, Takanori (who originally was to marry his daughter) shot Yatsufusa after the two left the castle. The remains of the dog leave 8 sacred beads, each marked with a kanji of morality, which become plot devices of the 8 protagonists of the novel.

Hope that helps clear it up. ^_^

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My guess... Looks like the description was lost in translation

Engrish ftw

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