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Firm Stance?

I have lvl 86 futsunushi that have firm stance (always take half damage but you can't dodge-I forget the skill's name). Is that mean I can't dodge from the instant kill skill (like hama or mudo). can I use this persona to defeat Izanami?

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NOTE: I play in expert dificulty. Any tips how to beat Izanami? I'm afraid Izanami cast instant kill skill to me

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I play in hard mode, so I don't have moon tsukubame

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Oh, that's good. Thank you mbachui

Accepted Answer

mbachui answered:

Firm stance is only for physical attack.... So you can dogde magical skill.
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cybergamer1 answered:

dont know I think just don't use that persona use other persona but if you wanna take risk save your moon tsukubame.but if your moon tsukubame gone I advise you not to use that persona
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