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How do I fuse Lachesis or where do i get it?

At the moment i'm trying to fuse Norn, but I don't know where to find/ how to fuse Lachesis. Can anybody please help me?

(If any of my questions contains grammatik errors, please tell me, I'm writing an english test soon^^)

Izanagi213 provided additional details:

ok thx but is der also a way to get it out of a Shuffle Time and if yes, in which dungeon

Accepted Answer

LadyAyana answered:

Lachesis is tricky, because you're more likely to get Clotho or Atropos. Easy way is just to fuse the two together to downrank Atropos into Lachesis.
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WyldSe7en answered:

The above answer can work. There's a couple of other recipes that I've heard work.

Yatsufusa x Black Frost x Virtue, or Dominion x Taowu x Ose.

I'll see if I can't find out another combination for you ASAP and if I do, I'll post again.
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