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How to get the normal ending and the true ending?

Yeah, I just went through my first playthrough and of course I got the bad ending. I heard they was a normal ending ending and a true ending. I was wondering what the process of getting them both?

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Well if you got the lyrics then I'd like:

-Pursuing my true self
-reach out to the truth
-never more
-backside of the TV
-signs of love

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naoto12345 answered:

After you saved Nanako, she will be in the hospital. When Yousuke ask you question in Namatame's room(I mean in the hospital), Yousuke will ask you question. He will ask you 6 question.
Question 1 : choose 3rd answer(the answer is like "wait")
Question 2 : choose 1st answer
Question 3 : choose 3rd answer
Question 4 : choose 2nd answer
Question 5 : choose 3rd answer
Question 6 : choose 2nd answer(the answer is "Shut the hell up!")
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CodeLelouch answered:


On 12/3 When Youske asks you the questions, you have to answer them all right.
After that, your on the road to the good ending.

On 3/12, you can go home and get the normal ending OR..
To get the true ending, you must speak to everyone that is on your Social Link.
After that, It will ask you to go home. Choose "No" for the first 2 Questions. Then chose "I have some Unfinished Business"

Look in the Walkthrough :D
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naoto12345 answered:

Oh if you want the lyrics of all song in Persona 4, you can submit you question.
I know the lirycs of :
-Pursuing my true self ( the opening theme )
-Reach Out To The Truth ( the battle theme )
- Heaven ( Nanako's dungeon)
-Heartbeat Heartbreak ( the cloudy theme )
-Your Affection (the sunny theme )
-Never More ( the ending theme )
-Backside of The TV ( when you inside the TV )
-Signs of Love ( when you were in your home )
If you want the melody of the songs I can tell you too, or you can look at YouTube too.
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naoto12345 answered:

After all event in the hospital, wait till you are talking with Naoto and Yousuke. You must choose "Adachi" for the answer, cause he was the real murder. Then defeat him before 23rd December. After you defeat him, on 23rd, your girlfriend will call you for Christmas Eve's party on 24th December. After that you'll be skip till March or the last day. You have to meet all your friends that you have maximum their social links. Find them at school and other places such as Yousuke and Kuma(I mean Teddie cause I play Japanese version) in Junes. To find Yukiko, go to the bus stop at Shopping District. To find Kou and his friend(I forgot his name), go to the restaurant at Shopping District North, leftside of the Part Time Job sign.
After you meet all your friends(Oh meet Nanako and Doujima too, they were infront of your house), I think there'll be a question asking you whether you go home or not, choose don't or something that means not to go home or whatever. Then go to Junes, infront of elevator press X there'll be a question asking you go home or not. Just choose whatever that means don't go home. then after that press X again then you and your friends will discussing who has created Midnight Channel(in Japan it's called Mayonaka Telebi), after that you'll be out of Junes and the weather changed to cloudy. Go to Samegawa, to the river the place you usually fishing, talk to Nanako and Doujima. He'll ask you want to go home? Choose whatever means don't. Then ask them again. They talked about gasoline. After that go the Velvet Room, then Igor will give you something like a gem. Then you automatically outside of the Velvet Room. The weather change to rainy. Go to the Gasoline Station and talk to the man in caps. And enjoy the event, battle for boss of true ending and enjoy the end ^^.
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naoto12345 answered:

We are living our lives, Abound with so much information,
Come on, let go off the remote, don't you know you're letting all the junk flood in,
I'll try to stop the flow, double-clicking on the go,
but it's no use hey, I'm being consume,
Loading loading loading, quickly reaching maximum capacity,
Warning warning warning, gonna short circuit identity,
Get up on your feet, tear down the walls,
Catch a glimpse of the hollow world,
Snooping round out will get you nowhere,
You're lock up in your mind,
We're all trapped in a maze of relationships,
that goes on with or without you,
I swim in the sea of the unconcious,
I'll search for your heart, Pursuing my true self~
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naoto12345 answered:


Now I face out, I hold out, I reach out to the truth,
oh my life seeking to seize, for the whole moment yeah,

Naked to the true lies,
Only if you realize,
Hearing nobodies lies,
To be sterilize,
Stop forget it out,
World better keep it bad,
World changer it's a smarter way because,
You know safety's hot, stop time to speed up,
Though this is as if I've to go, he was petrified,
Do not waste your time, in hatred for the lies,
Come on now and I bring justice to the world,

Now I face out, I hold out, I reach out to the truth,
Oh my life seeking to seize, all the whole moment that now break away,
Brother let me out, can you let me out,
Can you set me free from this that in the world's fake,
in the last beat in the soul~
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naoto12345 answered:


Can't get my mind out of those memories,
Now time to tell them don't take my dream,
Still music keeps on turning me from the words that hurt my soul,
Removing doubts from my mind,

Those long day is passing by from that door,
Like late summer they slowly fade away,
Find the way it's the rute of favorite tune,
Play all day, with my eyes close,

Those long day is passing by from that door,
Like late summer they slowly fade away,
Find the way it's the rute of favorite tune,
Play on me, with those souls~
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naoto12345 answered:

Signs of love overshadowed by dreams,
Baby don't worry coz you ain't alone,
Only time running days without nights,
Tears pass through,

He said I'm the one, who's got to live,
I said nobodies really got to leave coz,
I don't hear enough explanation,
All I need is admiration,
Big bro frustration,
Bro he goes life is short we gave a shot
But it didn't work honey coz we had a whole lot to going on and on and on,

Signs of love overshadowed by dreams, Baby don't worry cause you ain't alone,
Only time running days without nights,
Tears pass through,

Every time look at the picture in the frame,
Gaze in fascination so hard,
You still think that is nothing but love,
Rain still falls~
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naoto12345 answered:


Lost destiny, far outcry, they hear you, no more,
Numb feeling, whole dizzines, deep scars, no pain,
No sanity, body aching, control your, own fate,
Invisible, real enemy, ruin your mind, deep down,

Down down to the base the sound you're about to hear is deep down hip hop,
What you gone do when they start to come out,
Now they've already come out, To surround you up to dis you at a world cup,
But I guess its depends on,
How you gone behave in that moment huh a moment of truth tell me what's really happening,
Their rhyme is nothing but you got everything,
Bro you got everything, but you don't know everything~

I write you Never More in few more days okay?
It's so looooong.....
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