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Asked: 5 years ago

Can I beat ameno sagiri?

I have strong persona, but exactly no buffs. at all. I have Loki at level 76, Mada at 77. I cant exactly remember my others right off the top of my head. I have kanji and naoto at 75, MC at 76, and teddie at 74. do i stand a chance at ameno-sagiri?

I honestly dont think so. Chie is at like 24, Yukiko is at 43 and Yosuke is at 63.

Accepted Answer

From: wingdefender 5 years ago

My party:me,yousuke,teddie,and yukiko.
teddie and yukiko are good in healing and have a lot of MP
especially yukiko with her skill "Salavtion" that healing your party and disappear all the bad effect.
you've got mediarahan in yukiko and teddie. so if one of them run out of MP, one more character will help to healing.
oh, one more. my main persona is "trumpeter". it's got a good skill. "Debilitate" that decrease attack, defend, hit/evation.
amino sagiri is just a normal ending boss. ehem. for me it's quite easy. your true boss is izanami-no-okami.ok, that's all i can give. good luck in play

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Do you play beginner? I think that level is enough. But I suggest next time you play with the party Yousuke, Chie, and Yukiko. Yukiko is very important because she is healer.

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