Question from onlyformygames

How do I get past chapter 10/last floor on VOID QUEST?

I just can't trough the's says "a powerful energy is sealing the door" if i was happen?!


Aethers answered:

The Orb of Darkness from the miniboss on the seventh floor will unlock the door to Shadow Mitsuo.
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mynameisbobnotk answered:

There is a secret boss on the 7th floor...the one where is moves your camera view...find it and kill it.

I had the same problem
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chaos141 answered:

When in the 7th floor use your map and go to the left of it then go up you will find a path and door then go in to the door and you will meet the killing hand defeat him and go to his back you will find a chest that contain the orb of darkness
and go to the 10th floor and you can open the door.
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