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Asked: 6 years ago

Hello: Is persona 4 going to have (the shoot/hold to your head persona gun)? (Just a question folks)

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From: WesternShotgun 6 years ago

Nope. They have to, um, use various personal methods to destroy the tarot card containing their Persona, e.g.:
Main Character - Crushing with hands
Yousuke - Uppercut/Jump slash with blade
Chie - Roundhouse kick
Yukiko - Slap with a fan
Kanji - Bash with bludgeon
Rise - Gently crumpling it
Kuma - Strike with fist
Naoto - Shoot with gun

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no, the shooting yourself in the head animation is not in P4.

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No, the characters use Tarot cards to summon their personas.

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No, that summoning method isn't used in this game. Instead, the characters crush Tarot cards to summon their Personas.

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No thank goodness because persona was ALWAYS about tarot cards except for 3 and fes for some reason so they came back to the roots by crushing tarot cards sort of like how they did in 1 and 2 calling personas from tarot cards.

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