Question from Kerog

Asked: 5 years ago

My slime has Red Wall, I fuse it with Asparas to get Orobas, but it didn't learn Red Wall?

I was reading an FAQ because I'm still stuck at Yukiko's castle, and it told me to have a Slime that has Red Wall and then fuse it with Asparas to get Orobas, but when I did it, it didn't learn Red Wall.
This is really confusing me.

Accepted Answer

From: Force0401 5 years ago

It should, did you make sure to cancel fusion and reselect?

When you are fusing, the inherited skills change every time (it's random what you get), so just reselect the personas you want to fuse.

If another skill appears rather than Red Wall, then keep canceling and reselecting until Red Wall appears as an inherited skill.

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