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Asked: 5 years ago

How to fuse Mada with Ragnarok?

I actually want to see Mada with "Ragnarok" skill, but when I fuse 2 other with Surt, that skill was never appear...?

Additional details - 5 years ago

hm, I see... thanks.

Accepted Answer

From: penguin_lord97 5 years ago cant..there is several skill that cannot be transfered through fusion...ex:Panta rhei.nifflheim,RAGNAROK,thunder reign,samsara,die for me!,morning star,black viper,heat riser,debilitate,etc..
What do you want from mada?could you tell me what do you want from him?cause im pretty sure i can help you..
This is my current mada skill:
Ailment boost,maragidyne,evil smile ,ghastly wail,fire amp,tentarafoo,etc
Im sure he can be pretty handy with ghastly wail since he has learned ailmanet boost(but it will be best if he has stagnant air)...i hope it can help you

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