Question from Jeric735

Asked: 6 years ago

Which level should I engage in each Boss Fight? (Normal Mode)

I fought Yukiko's Shadow at Level 15, and it was a VERY close call (I lost a Revival Bead by using it on Chie) and afterwards I couldn't do any training until she recovered (I was REALLY early)
Can someone give me a few suggestions as to when I'm "strong enough" to fight each boss?

(I'm currently training before fighting Kanji's shadow)

Additional details - 6 years ago

Hmmm ok I read all the answers and I think I get what I should do.
I'm actually WAY behind.
I've made it to Naoto's dungeon at Lv.41 with Black Frost (because of his diverse elements [Major Agi/Bufu, minor Garu] and Drn for Agi/Bufu, and as he has no weakness)
So I'm just gonna grind the first two floors of the Secret Base until I'm strong enough.


Accepted Answer

From: ERYT13 6 years ago


Kanji-25 to 27

Rise-33 to 36

Mitsuo-42 to 45

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for me it was

Mitsou-40 (black frost+mind charge+agidyne=massive win)

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It doesn't matter what level your party is on for Yosuke or Chie-- 15 is the ideal level for Yukiko; 25 for Kanji; 35 for Rise and Teddie; 45 for Mitsuo. If you aren't sure this would work, just grind to the bone leveling up and stuff.

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for me...
Yukiko 16
Kanji 26
Rise 35
mitsuo 46

well it's kinda boring to fight the enemies too often but it's the only so you can win againt's the boss

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