Question from Karushi

Asked: 6 years ago

Can you enter a serious relationship with Naoto in 1st Playthough?

In the official guide, it says that you needed to make certain choices in your 1st playthrough to be able to get the option to date her in your 2nd? Is this true?

I know the guide was wrong on the whole, you can only have one serious relationship per game so that's why I'm a little skeptical...

Accepted Answer

From: Keldean 6 years ago

Yes, you can do it on the first playthrough. You have to select certain dialogue options during her


During rank 5, you should get the option to say something to the effect of "I'm glad you're a girl."

Then, during rank 7, select "Protect Naoto."

Selecting those two options should let you date her.

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