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Asked: 6 years ago

The real MC's girlfriend?

I'm curious about this.Who is the real MC's girlfriend? In P3 i know Yukari is the real MC's girlfriend because only she always has the event with MC's alone although Aigis has some.

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There isn't?then in the manga version , does the MC has some serious event with one of the girl?

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Well,it seems i'd prefer Yukiko than Rise myself because Rise is too childish if she's with MC.Did Atlus give the information about this?

Accepted Answer

From: Ex_Informant 5 years ago

I'd say Yukiko Amagi.Rise might ended up with Teddie.Kanji with Naoto,Yosuke with Chie(This is the real).But in S/Link,choose what fits your type.All beautiful except Hanako.

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There is noone. You can be lovers with every girl or none. I have seen all the main char girl endings and none are hinting more than the others. It is just easier to be a lover(because it levels the link faster).

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I think it's Yukiko. Cause it seems that Chie will ended up with Yosuke.

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I believe it doesn't truly matter because in this game you can choose all the girls as your girlfriends but if we are talking in a curious way I think it should be Yukiko or Rissette(Rise) or both. Chie as Tear_Hilte says will be with Yosuke. Naoto will be with Kanji. Kanji seems to have some love for the both sides, if you know what I mean.

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I guess it's Rise, because she has the Lovers Arcana, which Yukari had in Persona 3.

In Persona 3: FES, though, I got kinda pissed at "The Answer" because it seemed Aigis gave more of a crap about Minato than any of the other characters... And she's a friggin' robot.

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Oh man, so who is it? yukiko? or chie?

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Ha ha. Just pick anyone you prefer to. But I think Yukiko looks more... fit to MC.

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Then, we can make everyone the MC's girlfriend right?

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