Question from waxelplax

Asked: 4 years ago

How do i make an Izanagi with Primal Force Power charge and resist wind?

I'm really bad with fusing so please make the explanations as simple as you can

Accepted Answer

From: yak_breeder 4 years ago

Arthellinus' Formula:

1. Izanagi x Sarasvati (Repel Physical, Null Wind) x Mithra = Legion (Repel Physical) <== saved Legion
2. Lachesis (Absorb Wind) x Sarasvati = Orthrus (Absorb Wind)
3. Orthrus (Absorb Wind) x Slime = Matador (Absorb Wind)
4. Matador (Absorb Wind) x Mokoi = Ghoul (Absorb Wind)
5. Ghoul (Absorb Wind) x Orobas x Pixie = Obariyon (Absorb Wind)
6. Legion (Repel Physical) x Obariyon (Absorb Wind) = Yomotsu-Shikome (Repel Physical, Absorb Wind) <== saved Yomotsu-Shikome
7. Ardha (Primal Force, God's Hand) x Queen Mab = Siegfried (Primal Force, God's Hand)
8. Siegfried (Primal Force, God's Hand) x Forneus = Flauros (Primal Force, God's Hand)
9. Flauros (Primal Force, God's Hand) x Yomotsu-Shikome = Ares (Primal Force, God's Hand)
10. Ares (Primal Force, God's Hand) x Sarasvati (Repel Physical, Null Wind) = Ose (Primal Force, Power Charge, Null WInd)
11. Ose (Primal Force, Power Charge, Null Wind) x Legion (I had better noise filtering on him vs Shikome) = Obariyon (Primal Force, Power Charge, Null Wind)
12. Obariyon x Yomotsu-Shikome

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