Question from Jeric735

Asked: 6 years ago

Do you get something for completing all of the S. Links?

I'm just asking because I got a Metal Bat from Margaret for completing half of them.

Additional details - 6 years ago

No thats what u get for100% of the compendiium

(u get 5% off for each 25% of the personas)

Top Voted Answer

From: BlandMaestro 5 years ago

50% of S.links completed = Metal Bat
100% of S.links completed = Mandala Clothes

Mandala Clothes (MC only)

Def: 100
Eva: 55
Special Effects: Exp x1.5

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Submitted Answers


You get an item that gives you 25% off compendium.

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Honestly I don't know, I've only completed 16 S. links at most. :(

It's possible Margaret gives you something, I dunno.

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