Question from Light_Knight20

Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find the person with fortune social link ?

I need it to fuse izanagi no okami...

Accepted Answer

From: Cerakun 4 years ago

the person can only be found shortly before the dungeon Heaven , at September or October , its Naoto

first of all make sure to talk to a strange guy in shopping district north , need knowledge maxed , then after it talk to Naoto and you Social Link is now actived

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Submitted Answers


Talk to the man in black at the north shopping district when your ( Courage & Knowledge ) are at rank 5 on October 21st or later to recieve a card. Then talk to Naoto on October 22nd or later and hand over the card. Days available--Irregular days ( except when it's raining or sometimes when rescuing a victim ) at the shool classroom building 1st floor hallway. Days off ----Samegawa Floodplain

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