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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I register izanagi no okami after fusing him ?

I got him in my 2nd playthrough but everytime i go to register him in the velvet room i can't register and save him in my compendium so can anyone tell me why?

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You can't register Izanagi no okami for several reasons, 1. there is no World Arcana in Compedium 2. you need to be at level 91 to fuse Izanagi no okami. If you go to the Board section and use the search topics and type in ( Izanagi no okami ) there are several topics discussing this.

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You can't naturally register him in the compendium but, if you have a gameshark or a codebreaker,
he'll appear in the compendium using this cheat code here:

Have All Persona in Compendium Book (GSv4+ / CBv7+ only)
407981FC 00BF000C
00010001 00010000

But sadly, he'll start at level zero, so you either have to train him up to lvl 90 or hack him some skills for him to use...For more info check this out:

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