Question from takemoto123

Asked: 6 years ago

Whadya you mean by sex or nudety ?

Please give me answer .
I'm still in the middle playing this game

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From: AzureLivesOn 6 years ago

Teddie gets a little ridiculous in his innuendos sometimes, especially for someone who supposedly has no frickin clue what's going on.

Once Naoto joins the party, all bets are off. Every event/cutscene that isn't focused story driven (ie the killer) involving your party has sexual references. Stuff that would make a young kid scratch his head and not care.

Partial nudity? The hot springs comes to mind.

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Partial nudity refers to Rise's commercial in the beginning, and Yukiko's midnight channel show, I assume.

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Rise's dunegon is pretty out there too.

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There are a large number of references to sex in the dungeons, especially Rise's and Kanji's.

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Some of the persona's have partial nudity too...

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