Question from Jesse_Dylan

Asked: 6 years ago

Request 38, Branch Headband--broken?

I've been farming Elegant Mothers on floors 7-8 of the Secret Lab forever trying to get a Branch Headband for the twin girl by the river to fulfill Request 38 to no avail. They drop fur clasps. What's the deal? Did I wait too long and break the quest?

I'm also not finding Classy Wood/Luxious Lumber or whatever it is from the Angry Tables (or whatever they are) on 5-7 of Heaven for Request 44. These are my final two Requests that I need to fulfill, and it's killing me that I can't finish them!

Is there any special reward for fulfilling every single request anyway, or am I just wasting my time?

Additional details - 6 years ago

All right, so I found the lumber. I guess I was freaking out about nothing there. I still couldn't get the headband, though, and I may have found out why. Out of desperation, I went back to the river bank, and the requester is gone. She mentioned moving; I guess they moved. She could have left a mailing address...

Now I can't finish that request, nor the following request, so I'm missing two. Totally lame. All because I missed the headband my first time (second, actually) through the secret lab.

So am I screwed? It seems I am.

Accepted Answer

From: OshareKeiji 6 years ago

The requests from the twins are missable. If you don't complete it before the fog starts to thicken, then they'll be long gone.

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