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Asked: 3 years ago

New Game + ?

One quick question...
I've heard that your money carries over to the next game when you start a New Game plus. I didn't check that with the first one I started, but I just started a new game plus off of my former new game plus.

I've still got my Persona compendium, my play time, and my amount of Persona slots. However, I don't have my money or any of my maxed Social Link items. Any reason for this, or...?

Any help would be great.

Additional details - 3 years ago

Ohhh, wait a sec. Found the social link items. My bad... ^^;

Accepted Answer

From: dvdboys 3 years ago

The money problem could be a human error, but maxed social item don't carry? I mean, they're key item, you can't sell them no matter what.
Try to reload your new game+ data, maybe it's a bug. Or maybe you finished the game with no money and no social link maxed.
That's all the possibility i can think off.

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