Question from Mellerker500

Asked: 6 years ago

Is level 26 high enough for Shadow rise and Shadow Teddie battle?

Just wondering if I can level up some more

What good persona to use?

Accepted Answer

From: Tear_Hilte 6 years ago

Uh... I don't think so. I beat them easily in level 31. Titania, Unicorn, King Frost is a good one. Don't forget Rakunda, Tarukaja, Diarama. Those skill will help a lot! Just bring Kanji, Yosuke, n Chie. Use Chie's Tarukaja to Kanji while Kanji use Zionga n Teddie in the effect of Rakunda. That'll be WOW damage!

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Submitted Answers


Uhh, you should be about 10 levels higher, actually. Or at least 30.

Good personas to have are Ose, who has Power Charge and Power Slash, and Pyro Jack, who has Marakukaja.

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God no!! You'll die!! get some personas with at least lvl 25 and all characters ( not persona) to lvl 32 at least.

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