Question from TheLateNightCat

Asked: 6 years ago

How do different +crit items, abilities, and spells stack?

For example: I have a weapon with +crit, an Omega Drive, Apt Pupil, and cast Revolution in battle. Will all of these stack? And does anyone know high much these increase your chance to crit?

Accepted Answer

From: AbsoluteApathy 5 years ago

I'm fairly certain that Omega Drive and Apt Pupil are the same thing so they won't stack. Revolution and Apt Pupil/Omega Drive should stack. If I recall correctly the + critical on weapons only apply to the attack command and not physical skills.

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From what I hear and from personal experience, they don't stack. If you have both a weapon with +crit and an item or skill that reduces your chance of receiving criticals equipped is fine and does work, but trying increase either stat by 2 different things doesn't work since it'll state thats already in effect. Besides casting Revolution also increases your enemies chance for a critical so I found that skill useless since it would basically negate your Omega Drive or Apt Pupil. Well hope you find helpful.

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