Question from ColonelOfShadow

Asked: 3 years ago

How to get true ending and all other ending? How to max star social link because in my case it always stops at level 8?

How to max the star social link because whenever I play P4 until the end the star always stops at level 8 please help!!!

Accepted Answer

From: rikku32 3 years ago has the answers to all 3 of your questions.
Star rank 9 = Defeat Kunino-Sagiri- automatically, ranks up between Nov. 6th --Nov. 20th
Star rank 10=Avoid Bad Ending- automactically, ranks up on Dec. 5th
For the good ending you need to save Nanako, solve who the real killer is & defeat that killer
For the true ending just go to and click on true ending/ secret boss

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